Kickstarter: ‘Refuge’ – Are windmills becoming the new lighthouses?

The Ark; some forgotten pinnacle of rock, crowned by the windmill and peppered with structures from a seemingly forsaken society.  The snow gently falls…  This is your arena in Fox Rogers’ current Kickstarter pitch, a lovingly crafted monochromatic world into which 2 players will be dropped, yet only 1 will survive.

I’ve thrown some money at the pitch, and not just because it has a windmill (although if someone ever made a game called “Windmills and Lighthouses: It’s going to be emotional”  I’d probably just let them be a signatory on my bank account) It caught my attention for a few reasons, but before that, I’m going to be a little cold and clinical and outline what the pitch reveals. 
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Adding to the Ocean of Lists – Hundstrasse 2015

Happy Listmas! I’m sure as the end of the year gets closer you’ve been captivated/terrified by the growing number of lists, spreading like an infection across twitter feeds, blogs, review sites. Pretty soon TV thick with them (I assume) and radiostations across the world will have already begun counting down the top 1000 tracks of the year. I’ve fallen victim to this plague and have decided to spontaneously, and without much actual thought, throw together a list myself.
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers for a long forgotten and obscure game

Playing a game that was iconic to you as a child is risky territory; we all know that the distant past, on the very edge of our memory, is at the least viewed through rose-tinted binoculars… And at most a complete lie, built upon a few grainy memories filled out by a young imagination. Writing about it is an equally fine line which needs to be picked out between overselling a mundane title, or losing the reader in the same level of detail that you saw as a child.

The Atari St is the first system I clearly remember gaming on. Watching,  heart in mouth, as my uncle completed “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game” was a defining moment in those early gaming years. In the generations before ‘twitch’ and ‘let’s play videos’, kids everywhere were indulging in the reflected victory and defeat of friends/siblings/peers from the sidelines. I was no exception, being unable to even get past the circus train on the 1st level; Indiana Jones (or just ‘Indy’ as the box-art proclaimed) was both the hardest and most amazing game that I had ever played. So I revisited it recently,  decided to complete it, scratch an old itch, and discovered that whilst it is a flawed, short, and underwhelming experience compared with the memories I have, I nevertheless enjoyed the experience, so before I get all gushy and ‘soft-focus’ nostalgic, I’m going to hit-it with where it goes wrong.

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