Weird Retro Mumblings: ‘Ecco the Dolphin’

*Spoiler Warning – ‘Ecco the Dolphin’ is 25 years old… but if you don’t want the plot spoiled then maybe don’t read this post…* 

The marks on your head look like the stars in the sky” – That one dolphin at the beginning

I’m going to start off with a controversial confession – it could change the entire way you read the rest of this post.. ready?… ok… I pronounce it “Eco the Dolphin”, not the more popular (and undoubtedly correct) “Echo the Dolphin”. *Sigh*, I’ve been carrying that burden for too long…

… secondly… and much less shockingly – I’ve never completed this game without cheating… 

The Undercaves is the third stage… and damn hard… 

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DOOM ’16: Why not just DOOM 4? – Singleplayer Impressions

Those who just can’t escape my blog will already know that when I jumped into the DOOM ’16 (I’m just going to keep adding the ’16) multiplayer beta a few weeks ago, I was less than blown away – but given how much I enjoyed ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ last year, and how (despite only now having the publisher in common) Wolfenstein & Doom are inexorably linked in my mind, I decided to wipe the blood from my visor and leap into the single player campaign as one of my rare forays into a AAA title at release. I’m only 5 hours in, and hoping there’s more campaign to go, but I’m relieved & satisfied to know that my blessing of ‘second chances’ was wisely bestowed upon this latest chapter in the sacred game series of DOOM.

… I didn’t want to post anything too violent… so my screenshots are weird… it’s all violent..

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Jurassic Park: The Game – A Beautiful Disaster

Movie tie-in games are trouble… More than any other design angle, taking a movie (or series of movies) as the inspiration and basis for a game is a treacherous path seemingly filled with more dangers than even the oft-lamented ‘Series Reboot’. Whatever angle designers come at it there is are a sprinkling of hurdles designed to induce failure, and given that most movie tie-ins are for big budget or cult-classics, the failure can rarely be swept under the carpet. In some alternative universe, I can imagine myself sitting, head on desk, having just been told that I need to develop a movie-game, with a sense of dread rising up through my body. This parallel-me is faced with a list of dangers such as: pleasing long time fans of the franchise; effectively and consistently building on someone’s creative work; stretching a two-hour movie into a 20+ hour game; Maintaining the standard of writing and storytelling; possibly meeting a movie release schedule… oh, and making a fun compelling and rewarding gaming experience… See?… trouble…

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