Liebster Award Nomination!


Ladies and Gentlemen of the academy; In the absence of a physical award, but still wanting to convey how chuffed this has made me, I’m currently holding my coffee cup like a shiny Oscar, smiling and waving to the crowd. The ‘Liebster Award’ is a formally informal way for a blogger to highlight other blogs they enjoy, reveal a little more about themselves, and pass the torch onwards in a quirky, classy way… Think ‘chain letter’, but if that were a welcome impact on your doormat. Continue reading “Liebster Award Nomination!”

Rapidshare Science – Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative

The perpetual testing initiative was a clever slice of free post-launch DLC for ‘Portal 2’ released in 2012 with this cute aperture science video/octopus to go with it. In its least fanfare presented way, it is a level editor, aimed at allowing any user to quickly an intuitively create ‘Portal 2’ test chambers, publish them to the steam workshop system, and easily subscribe to others. Yes, Valve had previously released a full dev kit for Portal (and if you want to see an excellent community made mod then check out Portal Stories: Mel), but this was all about the normal person with that spark of “oh, this would be a really interesting level” about them, but not the time to invest in learning a complicated developer environment… in a roundabout way I’m trying to say that I’m their target audience. Continue reading “Rapidshare Science – Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative”

Status Update & A Look at Those All Important Favourites

Given that this is a place for me to un-brain much of what rattles around in my head regarding games, it’s not much of a wonder that my posting frequency fluctuates. I’ve mentioned previously that, in the gentle run-up to this blogging experiment, I passed that large billboard proclaiming “Have a Schedule!” more than once; and like an, oh so tempting, ‘Little Chef’ I took the offramp, lined up for the free lollipop and forgot exactly where I was going with this metaphor*. My ‘schedule’ is broadly one post per week, hitting a minimum of 3 posts a month, but work and personal life (all good stuff involving rings and suits) is getting busy; so this opening paragraph is a broad statement of “Posting Frequency May Fluctuate Over the Next Few Months”, directed at anyone following this blog… and whilst I’m on the subject, thanks for following this blog – one of the most excellent things about blogging has been the engagement of other bloggers, both like minded in gaming preference, or simply reading about the persuasions of others in their digital pursuits…


… ok, on with the the show… 

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