I’d Like To See Less Symmetry

My wife and I have a perpetually watchful eye trained on the Steam new releases section for something which could be good co-op fun. We’ve worked our way through most of the classics that jump to mind whenever co-op PC gaming pops up its head during conversation and, thanks to the magic wizardry (albeit slightly glitchy wizardry) of the Steam Link, have also partaken in some couch co-op classics which might have previously been reserved for console gamers. A few weeks ago, whilst idly browsing a list of ‘possibly-interesting-co-op-games-for-PC’* I stumbled across an intriguing small title called “We Were Here” from “TotalMayhenGames”. It comes with the luggage tag proclaiming that it is a two-player asymmetric co-op game and a price tag reading ‘Freely available on Steam!’, so a few evenings later when we decided to fire it up for a run through.

… ok, so it’s not a “traditional” library…

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Weird Retro Mumblings: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty… a Retrospective

Spoiler Warning: This post discusses the plot & themes of Metal Gear Solid 2 … also you probably should have already played it…¬†

Only a few gaming powerhouse franchises sit in the dubiously privileged position of making gamers everywhere say “Sooo… how many of these games are there now?” upon each new offering; spanning generations, decades, and poor numbering conventions will do that to a series. The ‘Metal Gear Solid’ franchise fits comfortably into that mitten with five numbered sequels, a few canon but non-numbered games, at least one sub-series (the gloriously bizarre ‘Metal Gear Acid’ which, and I’m looking at you my secret Konami readers, is due for a PC re-release), a few remasterings, and that’s without opening the pantry door to find the “old” Metal Gear titles from way back into the 8-bit era. It shouldn’t surprise me (but it does) that we’ve recently passed the 15 year marker since Hideo Kojima’s misunderstood¬†sequel was first rattled into PS2 disc trays across Europe and, given that this title probably represents the peak of my interest in the series, I began to turn it over in my mind.


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