Please Insert Disk Two: Episode 1 – Banjo Kazooie (Podcast)

Oh yes! It’s not a prank; you can now hear me speak! Introducing:
Please Insert Disk Two
A new collaborative podcast with my good friend Chinery

A Podcast you say?… tell me more…

“Please Insert Disk Two” is a collaborative project that I’m venturing in to with a good friend of mine; the aforementioned, Chinery. Having spoken many times about putting a podcast together, we finally moved out of the all important “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” phase of the project and decided to just jump in and give it a shot.

The concept began to form itself in my mind late last year when I posted this piece about ‘Dead Rising’. We all have titles in our ‘gaming history’ that we attach sentiment to; maybe it was a great title, maybe we just played it at a time when we were particularly susceptible to the theme, or maybe we just attach it to a specific time in our lives. Whatever the reason, trying to convey ‘why’ this is particular game is a classic to a friend who didn’t experience this first hand is a tricky business. Chinery and I have decided to embrace this idea, dust off out microphones, and share our thoughts as we each pick landmark games from our own histories for the other to jump in to for the first time.


For the first episode Chinery selected ‘Banjo Kazooie’; that classic collectathon of a 3D platformer for the N64 and I picked-up that awkward three-pronged controller to take the reigns of the bumbling bear for the first time. As I outline in the first ‘pre-game’ section, I have never owned an N64 and really had no idea what to expect going in to it, so expect revelations about the 3D level design, music… and other important and relevant topics…

I don’t want to spoil, so here it is! Our pilot episode, “Banjo Kazooie”, and we would love to hear what you think about it!

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19 thoughts on “Please Insert Disk Two: Episode 1 – Banjo Kazooie (Podcast)

    1. Hey! Thanks for the feedback. We still playing with the format – the idea was to have it conversation style and we thought music might break that up a little, but we’ll look at it again.


  1. Ooo, another podcast to add to my feed! Really enjoyed listening, especially since I have strongly happy feelings for Banjo-Kazooie myself. But did I miss an introduction to know who was who? You guys sound similar…and…oh, I promise that I don’t mean that in a “all British people sound alike to Americans” sort of way. I just thought that maybe my download was incomplete. Or something. Maybe one or both of you aren’t really British at all and I’m just a jerk. Eeep! Okay I’m going to stop typing now.

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    1. Haha! 🙂 Thanks so much for listening, it’s great to have feedback. We made a choice to keep the podcast as a general conversation format without too much direct speaking to the audience and decided to forego the introductions … having said that, I think we used each other’s name only a handful of times, so it might have been better to to an introduction. Could be one of those lessons learnt from the pilot!


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