Please Insert Disk Two: Episode 2 – Devil May Cry (Podcast)

The long awaited second episode of  Please Insert Disk Twois finally here!

Sure it’s been a little while since out last audio outing, but Chinery and I have rustled together the next instalment of our gaming cultural exchange. Once again one of us has picked a gaming favourite from their personal history that somehow passed the other by… but this time the roles are reversed


For episode 2 I have selected Capcom’s hack-n-slash defining classic ‘Devil May Cry’, originally released on Playstation 2. I’ve handed Chinery that ‘All Analogue’ controller for him to get to grips with the aerial acrobatics and frenzied combat of Dante, a half-human, half-demon gun for hire as he… well… listen in for our take on the plot, gameplay, and the many many tangents we take along the way.

Please Insert Disk Two (both episodes) is available through one of the links below!

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8 thoughts on “Please Insert Disk Two: Episode 2 – Devil May Cry (Podcast)

    1. Just wanted to follow-up and say I did listen to it. One thought though was have you two thought about maybe releasing the segments as you record them instead of as one big podcast. It think it might be interesting to hear your progression over time as opposed to all at once, because it can be a bit jarring.

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      1. Thank you so much for listening! And for the suggestion! It’s really helpful to get feedback (I mean… we’re basically just winging it and having fun 😁) . Believe it or not we had a long discussion along those lines, and maybe it does make more sense to release it in a multi-part thing. One of the problems is that we don’t quite know where the conversation is going to go, so we wouldn’t want to cut anything that’s important later (or visa versa) … Hmmm… I’m just rambling now, but we will think about it again and see what we come up with.

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