Fortnite: Battle Royale Might Just Force PU:BG Out of the Circle

Since writing about ‘PLAYER UNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS‘, or PU:BG if you don’t feel comfortable using your weekly quota of caps in one go, I’ve spent a fair amount more hours skulking around that island trying to find that elusive chicken dinner to no avail. In the more recent of those outings, it’s begun to feel as though frustration, spawning from some of my initial misgivings about the title, is overtaking my enthusiasm to hit the play button. I don’t want to detract from the success of this modder-bred behemoth, and I know that it has a loyal fanbase who just want to suck up every last drop of this title, but for me personally the magic is beginning to fizzle out.  Continue reading “Fortnite: Battle Royale Might Just Force PU:BG Out of the Circle”

The Expectation of Perpetual Updates

Ok gamers, it’s once again time to take out that mirror and take a look at ourselves as a group. A few weeks ago I noticed a tweet by a clearly rattled Jim Rossignol; linchpin of ‘Big Robot’, a tiny development team responsible for that excellent British romp ‘Sir! You are being hunted’ and ‘The Signal From Tölva‘ which won me over earlier this year with it’s sci-fi vistas.

yes… I tend to use night mode on twitter…

The above tweet was the beginning of a mini-rant from Jim about the annoyances of some gamers assuming that the development of a title can go on perpetually; curious to know Jim’s views on the subject I decided to jump in to the conversation:

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Arduboy Update: “Zoo at Midnight” & “Ninja Fuzzgrawth”

A little while back at the beginning of the year I posted about that neat card-sized Arduino based console; The Arduboy…

…and now’s a good time to get involved if you’re interested because that spiffing gentleman, Kevin Bates, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of ‘Arduventure’; an ambitious Arduboy based RPG with backer rewards including the hardware itself…

This past week I’ve been putting in quite a bit of time to push forward my current Arduboy project; it’s another epic platformer, “Ninja Fuzzgrawth”, which is loosely inspired by ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’ but has mostly been an interesting foray further into my own exploration of programming and game making at a level that I can handle. In truth the bare bones of the game mechanics had been in place for some time, but I had been lacking that motivation to actually put the “game” in to the game. Even now, the biggest task I have remaining is designing the level blocks for the player to navigate. In the intervening months I also threw out into the community the top-down sneaky-sneaky “Zoo at Midnight” in which the player takes the reigns of … erm… a creature… sneaking around the zoo to feed the animals and avoiding the flashlights of the zoo wardens. That project began life as an entry into the first Arduboy game Jam, but sadly (although I began work on it at that time) I suddenly became too busy to finish it, so the game dragged on another month or so before I actually set it free on the world. Continue reading “Arduboy Update: “Zoo at Midnight” & “Ninja Fuzzgrawth””

That Was No lizard: Dino Crisis

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plot spoilers for Dino Crisis and strong dinosaur references

Motivated by my recent nostalgic ramblings about games with fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds, I decided to give something new, but of the same era and style a go, so I leapt on to eBay to pick up a copy of Capcom’s 1999 PS1 release, Dino Crisis … and now owe everyone an apology because Dino Crisis doesn’t have pre-rendered backgrounds, it takes place in 3D environment… so, sorry everyone… I was wrong… It is however a game that follows the Resident Evil style of gameplay remarkably closely which is unsurprising being directed by Shinji Mikami, produced by Capcom at a time that the early Resident Evil games were at their peak, and even mentions Resident Evil on the boxart. At the time I was aware of it mainly through playing a short (and seemingly mis-remembered) demo, although given that there were two sequels, it must had had at least a fair following and reception. From my own point of view it strummed all the right nostalgic chords that I had hoped for when I got the urge to revisit a “Resident Evil” game; so much that I played it through to completion which is more than I can say for some retro games I’ve tried to turn my hand to.   Continue reading “That Was No lizard: Dino Crisis”