QotM*: Poor Wardrobe Selection

*Question of the Month is a metaphorical puppy let loose in a ball-pool orchestrated by Later Levels

As always the game blogging community isn’t afraid to tackle the really big issues of our chosen sphere of interest. For November we’re looking at fashion choices, but not the most stylish, or sexiest, … Or even those outfits that we as gamers would like to steal from our favourite digital protagonists and strut around in from time to time (answer to all three is Link’s barbarian armour set from BotW). For this question we’ve been asked to come up with the character who has just made a plain bad choice because of the practicalities of their chosen activity.

As always answers must be 100 words or less, and make sure you check out the “MASTER POST” over at Later Levels (going live 3rd November) to check out the other nominations and vote for your favourite. So here it is, my answer to the question “Which Videogame Character Wears the Least Appropriate Clothing for the Activity They’re Doing?”:

Vega (Claw) – Street Fighter II


“Whilst he may pride himself on his style and grace, Vega’s outfit is completely impractical. That jaunty ‘waist scarf’ is just crying out to be grabbed by his opponent, or get snagged on his chainlink fighting cage. His mask, with its tiny eye holes, must severely limit his peripheral vision, and how he manages to perform those aerial acrobatics without his loafers flying off is beyond me. Oh, and of course he wears a sharp deadly metal claw in an unarmed fighting tournament showing a total lack of honour… Poor choice Vega…”

So, do you agree? Or is Vega a master of tactical dressing? Make sure you remember to go and vote! 

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