QotM*: Which Video Game Character Would do a Better Job Than Santa?

*Question of the Month is that first mince pie of the season served up by Later Levels 

December’s ‘Question of the Month’ seems to have taken a festive turn looking to the jolly gentleman clad in red and asking “Is he really pulling his weight? Couldn’t someone else… say from the world of gaming do a much better job?“. Tough as it is on the ol’ fella, it seems as though us merry band of blogger types have once again been quick to answer and each come up with our own definitive answer. Only one can win the coveted… erm… ‘Victory!’ so make sure you head on over to the Master Post on Later Levels (Going live 1st December) to cast your vote! Without further stalling here is my answer in 100 words or less: ‘Which Video Game Character Would do a Better Job Than Santa?’

Max (from “Sam & Max”)


“Oh that mischievous Rabbit-type thing created by Steve Purcell might not seem like the obvious choice for gift-giver due to his generally chaotic tendencies, but I think he’d make a fine substitution. He seems to be able to store almost infinite items somehow about his person being able to produce them at a moment’s notice making the ‘sack’ obsolete. He’s small and agile meaning that rooftop antics and chimney based entry are unlikely to be a problem and let’s face it, he would bring you that one present your parents didn’t think was appropriate without a second thought!” 

So that’s my Choice, but how about you? Do you agree? Don’t forget to go and vote

6 thoughts on “QotM*: Which Video Game Character Would do a Better Job Than Santa?

  1. And he and Sam already have a flying Sleigh! Genius! Though he needs to have Sam around, just in case one of the kids gets in his face. Max might do something that is not in the spirit of Christmas without his buddy to keep him in check!

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  2. Haha, I like your choice this time around mate. Sam would probably be very popular in Ireland and Scotland with the way his antics work if he doesn’t have Max at his side, but hell…even then many fun moments can happen.

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