QotM*: Disease Ridden Vampiric Apocalypse

*Question of the Month is an pack of Oreos that you didn’t know you had, hidden in the back of the cupboard by Later Levels

It’s still April and I can still get in on this… right? This month’s question is diabolically intricate and provided by Nathan over at Hurricane Thought Process. Nathan hasn’t just asked one question, he’s asked a stunning One-Hundred and Forty Three Questions! (The Asteroid of Killer Tomatoes being sadly invalid due to February’s length). Luckily for you all I only have to answer one of these as dictated by my birthday, but for all of you curious wombats, and those who just want to check out the other answers, makes sure you drift on over to the “Post of Masterfulness“!

Which Three Video Game Characters Would I Pick to Help Me Survive an Apocalypse of Diseased Vampires? Continue reading “QotM*: Disease Ridden Vampiric Apocalypse”

Rezzed 2018 Wrap-Up: I’m Still Not Great at Expos

Despite disruption on the District Line I managed to navigate the sprawling metropolis of London to make it to the Tobacco Dock for this year’s EGX Rezzed. Ok, so I really just dropped that “District line” in there to make it sound like I know how London works where the truth is that I was pretty lucky not to end up on the confusing “Overground” (that seemed to be mostly underground) in the wrong direction. In my summation of the last EGX I mentioned how I’m not great at expos and I once again failed to take any meaningful pictures, but I did play a few more games this time so maybe I’m improving.  Continue reading “Rezzed 2018 Wrap-Up: I’m Still Not Great at Expos”

Bully: Bully for You Sir!

Bully is a game that deserves a gentle preamble for anyone not familiar with it, or the controversy that surrounded Rockstar games in the early 2000’s. Two years prior to Bully’s release, Rockstar bestowed upon the world GTA: San Andreas, another link in their lucrative GTA series served with lashings of violence, murder, and crime. Strangely however it wasn’t any of these nuanced facets that attracted the public’s attention, it was the “unintended” inclusion of an erotically charged polygon-ey mini-game in which the player could QTE their way through some awkward sexy-times. Rockstar had removed the mini-game prior to release but the modding community being what it was quickly found out that the code remained on the disc and just needed to be reactivated. Various moral advocacy groups erupted in outrage, politicians had a fresh pinata to beat with their anti-gaming stick, and Rockstar were forced to make some costly gestures to try and fix the damage. The whole thing smooshed together to become what we now know as the Hot Coffee Controversy. 

Having never played any GTA games aside from the original top-down PC release, I can’t comment on how detrimental to the moral fibre of the world this digital intimacy was, although I doubt it did more damage than the player’s illicit activities in the rest of the game.     

Two years later in 2006, Rockstar released “Bully”; a game with a similar sandbox structure to the GTA games set in the fictional boarding school, Bullworth Academy. Already on high alert from the previous controversy, and with Rockstar still squarely in their sights, the same groups immediately branded Bully as GTA set in a school with further objections raised from anti-bullying groups. The complaints rolled in before it was released leading to some UK high-street shops refusing to stock the game, more political debate, and Rockstar changing the game’s name to the less provocative “Canis Canem Edit” (Roughly translated to “Dog Eat Dog”) in the PAL regions. Continue reading “Bully: Bully for You Sir!”

Editorial: April 2018 – Pick ‘n’ Mix

March has been a mixed bag for me over here at Hundstrasse. I guess I’ll kick off with the bad stuff which is me breaking my three month streak of meeting my Wednesday posting regime. I missed a week somewhere in the middle of the month for the arguably weak excuse of just being quite busy and not getting around to writing it. Heck, this kind of thing happens but, whilst nobody was kicking my door down demanding a post, I’m still disappointed with myself that I couldn’t meet my own.. pretty relaxed… schedule. I’ve also felt a little less engaged with the community this past month; I know that I haven’t been as chatty with my blogging comrades, my twitter activity has been low, and I’m generally behind on keeping up with my reading. I do as much as I can with interaction, and I’m sorry if you’ve felt that I’ve been absent recently, but  I’ve always been there in the background taking in what I can handle.

… that’s the bad stuff out of the way… 

I had a fairly extraordinary month in terms of views entirely due to this post about F:BR which seems to be picking up a good handful of hits each day, largely (I’m guessing) because of the popularity of the title and almost all from search engines. Unfortunately, the views feel pretty hollow without the engagement to go with them and I’m doubtful that many of those wandering readers are sticking around to absorb that darn fine piece of videogame commentary – I mean, graphs are interesting… right? Continue reading “Editorial: April 2018 – Pick ‘n’ Mix”

April Showers: Rain in Games

Rain is one of my favourite things… although that’s something that I more-often-than-not keep to myself; I regularly (and guiltily) partake in the British tradition of complaining about the weather when I’m in the office. Enjoying the rain tends to be unpopular, and the opposing opinion only gets raised eyebrows and suspicious glances which don’t go well with my general aim to come across as “regular” when I’m in at work. Those that know me better however will have noticed that I rarely rush when I’m caught walking home in a sudden downpour, I watch storms excitedly from the window, I’ve been known to purposefully suggest dog walks when those little beads of liquid are making their way down from the clouds, and lying is bed listening to the rain against the window is the best way to fall asleep. In short, despite the lack of sleep, the wind & rain pummeling the walls of our holiday dwelling last night was a treat matched only by this evening’s walk at the seafront with the windswept droplets highlighted by the trapezoidal glow of the streetlights.

Now that we’ve entered April, the month that officially sponsors rain, I think maybe it’s a good time to take a quick look at ingame precipitation. My affinity extends from the real world to the virtual one, and given the option I will always slide that weather setting to “Rain” whenever I’m allowed to regardless of the game. Without any real criteria, I’ve decided to pick out five of my favourite rainy moments from games – enjoy! Continue reading “April Showers: Rain in Games”