Research scientist by day and gaming enthusiast by night…

Hundstrasse has no gaming credentials other than enthusiasm and experience; from humble beginnings owning a Sega GameGear to his present PC, he’s seen many generations & genres.

On Mastodon: retro.pizza/@Hundstrasse
On Cohost: Hundstrasse

Review Keys: I currently do not accept keys/copies in exchange for reviews; Hundstrasse.com is a place for me to unload any thoughts I have in my head about gaming and the obligation of writing a review for a game is not something that I currently want to participate in. If you’re an indie developer reading this then I truly wish you all the best with your game, it’s a tough path and there are far better websites out there with much wider readership that will be able to promote your work – I hope one day I’ll play your game.

Note on Copyright: I’m not a lawyer versed in the intricacies of intellectual property, but I do understand that an individual’s (or entity’s) creation belongs to them. The screen captures and images used on this blog are done so under the terms of ‘Fair-Use’ for the purposes of review, discussion and analysis. The works depicted in these images remain the property of their respective creators. Where images have been obtained from other sources, the source is provided and they are used within the bounds of their own specific licences. To the best of my knowledge I want to operate, not only within the law, but also in a fair and just manner giving credit where it is due. Should you find anything about how I have used images to be inappropriate, please let me know.   

The content on this site is my own work and a copyright notice is clearly displayed in the sidebar. Please respect the terms of this notice and do not reproduce any of the articles written here without express written permission from myself. Excerpts may be used so long as they are clearly presented as such, acknowledge the original author, and provide a clear link back to the original article.   

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