Ninja Fuzzgrawth

“Who is he? Nobody knows… Climb the towers… Get the Things”


The Fuzzgrawth is the best ninja, he must ninja jump, slash, and fight his way to the top of the fabled three towers… there he will find the ‘things’… collect all three things to be the one who has done that!

You must guide the Fuzzgrawth up the towers, dodging missiles, fighting ghosts, and… smashing windows?….


“Ninja Fuzzgrawth” is my third Arduboy game and is inspired by “Super House of Dead Ninjas”. It features procedural ordered levels to vary the ingame experience whilst gradually increasing the difficulty with each stage. Players must race against the clock, but can earn bonus time for un-used lives at the end of each level and special mini-time bonuses for killing enemies and smashing windows. If you’d like to know more about why I began dabbling in Arduboy game creation you can read about it here, or if you would like to know how “Ninja Fuzzgrawth” is a progression in complexity from my previous titles take a look here.


Dpad: Move the Fuzzgrawth
A Button: Attack
B Button: Jump
B Button (Whilst Wallsliding): Wall Jump


“Ninja Fuzzgrawth” Arduboy Sketch Files

“Ninja Fuzzgrawth” Hex File

“Ninja Fuzzgrawth” Arduboy File