Not Just a Hat Rack

A hat… lost.. out of his own place…

… Karlville is counting on you…


 ‘Not Just a Hat Rack’ is a fast paced platformer for the Arduboy inspired by titles such as ‘Super Meat Boy’ & ‘Super House of Dead Ninjas’. The aim is to complete the 40 rapidfire levels in the shortest time… There is no pause button… 

To find out more about how any why I created this, my first Arduboy game, check out this blogpost.

Tweet Pics of your ‘Final Time’ @Hundstrasse to be added to the ‘Hattery of Fame’


D-Pad Left or Right to move Karlville
A‘ or ‘B‘ to Jump
Jump Whilst Wallsliding to ‘Wall-Jump


‘Not Just a Hat Rack’ Arduino Sketch Files

‘Not Just a Hat Rack’ Hex File

‘Not Just a Hat Rack’ Arduboy File

The Hattery of Fame

  1. Timenoe: 145.45, 4 deaths Cordroy Fedora?
  2. Searo161.95, 8 deaths – Some kind of distinguished Trilby 
  3. Sam: 192.8, 15 deathsCasual Panama Hat
  4. Loctor Moo: 203.08, 25 deathsI guess that would have to be a crown!
  5. BrailleCortex :  387.22s, 97 deathsSplendid effort and the first entry!
  6. Donald Parker: 731.85, 194 deaths – Bowler hat I think! 
  7. Carter Gay : 1960.25s, 552 deaths – Worthy effort, deserving of a fez!
  8. Sylvain Depeyre3957.50s, 356 deaths – Some kind of peaked cap! 
  9. Jason Achterberg: 4919.42s, 820 deathsBobble Hat!