Zoo at Midnight

“… it was late…”

“…all was quiet…”


The zoo had to close, but the keepers had forgotten to feed the animals, now it’s up to Scrawf to find them food and feed them without being caught in the zoo warden’s flashlights!

Guide Scrawf through, what can only be described as, the world’s most warden heavy zoo & hedge-maze. Slip past the wardens and avoid their flashlights to find the three different types of food to feed the Lion, Zebra, and Elephant. Finally, once all the animals are fed and sleepy, escape from the zoo!


“Zoo at Midnight” is my second Arduboy title following “Not Just a Hat Rack” (there are even rumors that Karlville has been spotted at the zoo); I had just as much fun putting it together despite not managing to enter it for the recent Arduboy Jam themed “The Zoo had to Close” due to my own inability to stick to a schedule! It represents my first dabblings with ‘Object Oriented Programming’ thanks to inspiration from Timlah and this post over at ‘Geek out South-West’.


Dpad: Move Scrawf
A/B Button: Inventory (Pauses Game)
Walk over an item to collect it
Walk to the enclosure to feed the animal (if Scrawf has the appropriate food!)


“Zoo at Midnight” Arduboy Sketch Files

“Zoo at Midnight” Hex File

“Zoo at Midnight” Arduboy File