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Bloggers Who Stream: A Community Event

After my failure to stream a few weeks ago, Kim (of Later Levels fame) and I were chatting about my less than professional streaming setup involving duct tape and a pair of tights, but I nevertheless enjoy having company from time to time whilst I game. All that being said we thought it might be nice to have a ‘Bloggers-Who-Stream’ community event where participants write a post sharing their own streaming technical setup, expert tips, and streaming experiences. The idea being to not only help other bloggers who might want to stream, but show (in my case) that no matter how lashed together your own setup, it doesn’t stop you from getting involved.

We’re hoping this will be a fun & informative blogging community event to kick off the year, so it would be great to hear from you, no matter what your level of streaming experience. If you want to get involved then:

  • Write an article about your streaming setup & experience for your own blog. Consider including: 
    • What capture tech/audio/cables/brand of duct tape you use
    • Any hints and tips you have for other blogger/streamers
    • Any else you’ve learnt from, or aspire to, in your streaming
  • Schedule the article to go live some time during the week beginning 27th January
  • Share using #BloggersWhoStream
  • Let me know (either here or on Twitter) so that we can share! 

Looking forward to reading how everyone gets their gaming exploits on to the interweb! 

Check out all these excellent articles from the people who took part!!