The Wild Eight: It’s a Mixed Bag

This article is based on the Early Access game around March 2018 Following the completion of Resident Evil VII, I was in that drifting void between titles; not quite wanting to go back for DLC at the moment, but not really ready to move on to a more solid single player experience (I'm still playing... Continue Reading →

PU:BG – Bathroom Surprise!

It's been difficult to miss the wave of enthusiasm within the gaming community for the fabled 'PLAYER UNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS'; a currently early access title with its roots set in the modding community (like so many great games before it) and with a user base now measured in millions. Having only a cursory understanding of the... Continue Reading →

Soviet City: An Early Access Review

These are 'early access' impressions ¬†of 'Soviet City' as of the date of publication 'Soviet City' brings tension and oppression to the city builder by throwing the genre into an alternative history where a brutal socialist¬†regime is in control of a scorched and dying Earth; the last chance of the population is to build a... Continue Reading →

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