Editorial: April – Apex Probability

April is upon us and I seem to have continued my run from last month of being a little inconsistent with blogging. I think at least some of this is because I’ve been a little all over the place with gaming recently. I started to month off by revisiting Resident Evil Code Veronica but that playthrough is currently sat at about 50% complete and I would like to settle back in to it before the end of April. My wife and I have also played through (most of) Nine Parchments; a kind of fantasy erm.. isometric shooter? It’s one part Torchlight and another part Magika and, despite being nice to look at and light entertainment, it’s nowhere near as absorbing as I would have liked; essentially it’s walk forward, shoot enemies, repeat. Most of my gaming time has been spent in Apex Legends, it’s meeting that desire for a satisfying play cycle and, despite not being very good at this latest entry in to the battle royale arena, I’m at least not terrible.

Having spent a fair slice of that time on the character select screen, and being faced with the occasional player who kick up a real fuss if you select their favourite class, I began to think about statistics & probability. Anyone who’s been reading for a while will know that I’ve been known to over-analyse games and the numbers involved in battle royale games make them a particularity good target for this as I demonstrated some time ago when I tried to work out the minimum number of players needed to keep Fortnite:BR afloat. The topic of my meandering thoughts this time are that character select screen. Continue reading “Editorial: April – Apex Probability”

Apex Legends Class Guide: Each Character’s Best Routes to Failure

Since first dropping in to the world of Apex Legends some time ago, I’ve gradually grown used to the quirks and intricacies of the game. The layout of the island is no longer a mystery and as with all good Battle Royale experiences I’ve begun to single out areas, weapons and tactics that I find to compliment my own jerky and uncoordinated style of play.

As a side note, I’ve also begun to characterise the different specific types of Apex player who joins my three-being squad each round: There is the player who rants and raves that you’ve picked ‘their’ favourite class, the Skull Town fanatic who drops there regardless of the team decision, and that one player who runs off on their own, gets killed then complains that their squad-mates are all terrible players… oh, beneath the veneer of reasonable players there is a vein of douchery running deep. 

Along with this, I’ve also gotten to know a few of the classes – after all, this is nominally a class based affair with each ingame character (of which there are now nine) having a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. To give EA due credit, they’ve actually managed to create a reasonably diverse band of misfits that manage to pack in (albeit fairly unsubtley) some distinctive character traits for each one.

Armed with this experience I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a class guide… but not a class guide outlining good play tactics, or which character has the best hair. No, I’m going to stick to what I know and write a class guide outlining the absolute best ways to screw-up a round. Apex legends is full of opportunities to puncture your own spacehopper, but the true master of fail will be able to utilise each character’s unique abilities to snatch defeat away from the eager jaws of victory. Continue reading “Apex Legends Class Guide: Each Character’s Best Routes to Failure”

PayDay 2: In Defence of My Gaming Guilty Pleasure… or Maybe I’m Just a Terrible Person

Hey you? Yes, you! Are you a gamer?… of course you are! I’m not down with all these narrow and divisive labels because the truth is that whether you enjoy tapping away on Candy Crush, constructing new worlds in Minecraft, fighting to be the last alive in Fortnite, exploring a dreamlike narrative in Kentucky Route Zero, or just plain blasting demons in Doom then you’re a gamer. It’s also probably true to say that if you are a gamer you probably also have a guilty gaming pleasure; some title that you’re not “supposed” to enjoy, but you always have on hand for some guilty pleasure fun. Like a cheesy movie, well worn comedy series, super-happy-fun-time pop music when you only wear black, or big bowl of ice-cream, it’s a title that you fire up when you just want to enjoy something and let any sense of self-consciousness fall by the wayside … assuming that you’re in your own home.

I have at least half a dozen guilty gaming pleasures, but one of them is undoubtedly PayDay 2. Overkill Studio’s squad-based crime shooter sees players undertake a plethora of heists from breaking in to bank vaults, smash-n-grabs on jewellery stores, and (the always ill-advised) stealing great heaps of cocaine from other underworld organisations. Assuming that you armour up and go in loud (yes, you can stealth missions, but that is certainly not why this game is one of my guilty pleasures) then this descends in to some adrenaline fueled fast paced shootouts with some of the most numerous and well equipped law enforcement officials you’ll ever encounter. Continue reading “PayDay 2: In Defence of My Gaming Guilty Pleasure… or Maybe I’m Just a Terrible Person”

Sonic the Hedgehog: Let’s Talk About Springs

Some time ago I made an attempt to answer the age old question: How fast is Sonic the Hedgehog? based entirely on evidence from that spiky fiend’s first outing on Sega Mega Drive. I’ve decided to revisit the theme, but today I’m going to take the magnifying glass to the disturbingly common item in the Sonic-verse; Springs.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Sega’s wayward mascot will know that he can use the liberally placed springs to propel himself skyward and that in the first game (which is what we’re working from here) they came in two flavours: Yellow & Red. The latter being a turbo charged version for special occasions and the former the average spring for day-to-day bouncing. To keep everything extreme and with sufficient …erm… attitude… to do justice to the “fastest thing alive” I’ll be focusing on the red springs. Continue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog: Let’s Talk About Springs”

This Sword is Degrading…

It was an offhand comment on the superb Later Levels GameBlast Stream two weeks ago (Well done again!) about my dislike of QTE’s that got my thinking about game features that rub me up the wrong way. Surprisingly it isn’t the aforementioned QTE that bothers me the most. I can’t say that I’ve ever been sold a game on the promise of QTE; let’s face it, “NOW FEATURING QUICK TIME EVENTS!” isn’t the kind of thing that makes it in to the clipart rosettes featured in game box-art. Having said that, there are times when it is at least ‘functional‘ as a method of player interaction if not fireworks-in-the-sky-amazing. What does almost universally annoy me is weapon degradation; at best I tolerate it, at worst it will make me stop playing. With this convoluted train of thought in mind I decided to pick apart what I dislike about this increasingly common feature, but more importantly try to understand why designers feel the need to include it. Continue reading “This Sword is Degrading…”

Editorial: March – Late

My vacation of the week before last rolled in to a pretty intense work week with two days of travelling to meetings before I could even begin to work out what had been happening whilst I’d been away. Couple that with a few other bits and pieces that have been going on and … well… what I’m trying to say is that I missed both last week’s regular post and the Friday slot for this editorial…

… and yeah, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. This whole blogging malarkey is a hobby so having an off week doesn’t really bother anyone but me from a content creator point of view. From a personal point of view however it’s a little frustrating that I couldn’t find an appropriate time for a hobby, and that’s nobody’s fault; it’s just the way that things fall sometimes.

On top of this I’m also down on community engagement; I know loads of great posts have been going up in the past few weeks but I’ve been out of the rhythm of reading them. Continue reading “Editorial: March – Late”

Apex Legends: A Mythical Geometric Vetrex

… and then a few weeks ago Apex Legends landed without any warning and made lots of people go “Waaahhhh!” – So why was that?

I originally wrote a whole dull paragraph here about my chequered past with PU:BG and Fortnite:BR, but that was far too long and can be summarised by saying:

“I like the concept of Battle Royale games, but I’m just not very good at them” 

That’s not to say that skill or ultimate placement correspond to fun, but playing a game that you can’t feel improvement or just generally show up to be an extra notch on someone else’s frag counter is rarely a rewarding experience. I want to feel as though I can at least hold my own, so my infatuation with both of the above titles gradually tarnished until I gave up and uninstalled them. Then Apex Legends showed up (apparently having something to do with Titanfall) and I got sucked back in to that Battle Royale play-loop; firstly out of curiosity but sticking around because it turns out it is actually fun. Continue reading “Apex Legends: A Mythical Geometric Vetrex”