Ringfit Adventure: Gamification Done Right

... or WiiFit RingVenture as I like to call it...  TLDR: It's pretty good at doing what it does Longer Version: I'm a long time dabbler in the gamification of exercise so I really know what I'm talking about. My relationship with the world of physical exertion is a complex and haphazard affair, especially compared... Continue Reading →

Sunset Riders: Deserves More than Arcade Archives

I get it, I really do. Hamster Corporation's 'Arcade Archives' series is all about emulating some beloved and well known... along with some much less well known... arcade classics. Bringing the coin-op pleasures of yesteryear up to date with faithful console ports is indeed a laudable goal, it's just that Konami's early 90's western run-n-gun, Sunset... Continue Reading →

Gaming Donks: Fashion

Additional Notes: No, you can't just play in your jeans ... no, you really can't...  Select non-slippery shorts to keep that leg strap in place Why haven't Ninty licensed special Ringfit shorts with a built in pocket for the joycon? 

Chris Redfield’s Awkward Debriefing

Apologies to all you non-Resident-Evil-Fan-Readers out there, but this is a Resident Evil related post. A little while ago I was once again in a Resi-mood, to I picked the REmake up on the Switch. And yes, it's a great game and probably one of the best remakes ever cashed-in-in-on by Capcom. So I picked... Continue Reading →

The Switch: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Waaaaaa eeeeeaaaiiaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...... wwwaaaahhh wwwaaahhhh waaahhhhhhh An oft unadvertised bit of Hundstrasse trivia is that I enjoy a good western. That cliche mix of myth and reality, tales of a fleeting time in history, and the frequently blurred lines between good and bad make for some ol' fashioned guilty pleasure viewing. In the last few weeks... Continue Reading →

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