Editorial: Whenever This Is

Yeah! Editorials!?! Remember those? Back when I tended to stick to a blogging schedule I would put one of these out every month to… well, I guess tell you about all the other things that I’d been doing that month. But as my blogging has drifted into the realm of less-regular (understatement), the hallowed ‘editorial’ was ditched to avoid every one reading like an apology for why I haven’t been writing more, or that I ‘would be taking’/’have just taken‘ a hiatus. There would just end up being more apologies than rambles about gaming and I didn’t want that. In general I’ve done my best to avoid talking about blogging breaks and suchlike, in the same way I try to avoid talking about social media on social media. We all know the deal: life happens, blogging sometimes happens, gaming happens etc…

What I’m trying to say is ‘Don’t Panic!’ nothing’s changing, I’m still going to be doing this blog with the regular super-infrequent irregularity that you’ve come to expect, and it’ll remain gaming focussed.

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Top 5 Gaming Experiences: 2022 Edition

For reals this time… It’s good to be blogging again. Sorry, but it’s tough to write a look back over the year without reflecting a little. The best bit is not feeling guilty about not keeping a schedule; posts happen when they happen and sometimes blogging needs to step aside for other stuff to take its place. I’ve also really committed to drawing terrible webcomics … Continue reading Top 5 Gaming Experiences: 2022 Edition

Hundstrasse Top 5 Gaming Experiences… 2021?

Two things might strike you as strange about the title. The first is that I’ve gone with ‘Gaming Experiences‘. Not ‘Top 5 of the Year‘, not ‘Best Releases of the Year’, but my own personal best experiences. In recent years I’ve really leant in to my pre-existing predilection to retro gaming and with that comes both old games and crucially revisits of old games. The list I keep of all the games that I’ve played during the year (for this exact blog post) contains more and more asterix’ed entries indicating that I’ve technically played the game before. So this year I decided to say that anything from the list of games I’ve played during the year can make the cut: new title, old title, first playthrough, revisit, or just a comfy run through of a much loved classic.

The second curiosity probably had you rolling your eyes at another classic patented Hundstrasse typo, but no, that’s correct, this is my 2021 list because I never actually got around to posting my top 5 last year and posting the top 5 from this year felt somehow dishonest before I’d even had the decency to wash my hands of my 2021 blogging obligations. So I dug out last years list and decided to finally compile the top 5 gaming experiences I had back when … heck, I can’t think of anything particularly memorable about 2021. Let’s face it, it just felt like the director’s cut version of 2020. Whatever, here is the official ‘Top 5 Hundstrasse Gaming Experiences of 2021’:

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