Hundstrasse’s Top 5 Games of 2016… & A Weary Lookback

It was at about this time last year that I cracked, started typing, gave in to the pressure of the season, and came up with my own ‘Top 5 Games of 2015‘ along with posting a list of everything that I had played that year. If you read that the first time around then thank-you so much for sticking with me for another 12 months!

… erm.. sorry about that 4 month hiatus in the middle there when I got crazy busy… 

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Em-Bossed: Bosses That Stand Out

In my last ramble outing regarding the upward moving deceased, Pine717 (Who incidentally runs a tight ship over at ‘The Maximum Utmost‘) jumped into the comments box in defence of the Boss fights of that particular title. Pine717 countered that, whilst relentless, the point was to prepare well, study the attack, and make good use of the brief openings when they appeared (feel free to correct me if I’ve paraphrased poorly). Discussion is one of the best parts about blogging and I always appreciate being spun around to face something from a different angle; the comment rattled around in my head, and I began to wonder what I looked for in a good Boss fight…  Continue reading “Em-Bossed: Bosses That Stand Out”