Hard Opening

The retro-excursion that I took last week in to the weird world of Overblood left me with a lingering thought about the game's opening. At first glance the level of instant threat seems absurd; the protagonist wakes up and the player is immediatly faced with the prospect of seeing them freeze to death unless they... Continue Reading →

OverBlood: UnderBlood

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Riverhillsoft? They’re famous for… erm… porting the original Prince of Persia to the Mega CD. Overblood. I’m just going to let that hang in the air for a moment. Overblood How or why anyone thought this would be a suitable title for this game… or any game…... Continue Reading →

X-Files on Playstation: Dang! That’s a lot of Photos of the Inside of a Warehouse

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the X-Files game on PlayStation 1 *To be sung to the X-Files theme tune* doodileeedoodilidooooooo It's Mulder and Sculllyyyyyy,  doodileeedoodilidooooooo It's Mulder and Sculllyyyyyy,  doodileeedoodilidooooooo solving X-Files if they caaaannnn, doodileeedoodilidooooooo ... avoiding the smookiinngg maaannnn...  *...etc* For at least some of this year we've been trying to re-watch... Continue Reading →

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